Reading is Out of this World!

Reading is Out of this World!
Posted on 12/01/2023

LFCIS is proud to be prioritizing independent reading to support student development by launching:

Reading is Out of This World! 

This initiative begins with incorporating 20 minutes of independent reading in all ELA classrooms at least twice a week. Students will have the option of borrowing books from teacher’s classroom libraries, or bringing in their own. With each book read, students will also be encouraged to complete and submit a “book cover” which will feature a design that includes, title, author, synopsis, rating, and review. Each “book cover” submitted will be displayed in our “Galaxy of Reviews” hallway on the first floor for all to see. As a further incentive, students who complete three “book covers” will receive a special Book Vending Machine Coin. This book vending machine was purchased by the district and is now thankfully filled due to the generous donation made by our current and last year’s PTO. Students receiving the special coin will be able to visit the book vending machine and make a selection that offers them an opportunity to explore different genres, based on interest, outside of the curriculum. We hope that our efforts this school year will be an important step towards helping our students develop a lasting love of reading! 

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